Tuesday 8th August

Jutta came again, and said all is fine: I was praised for being good at feeding. They also talked about vaccination and which doctor I should see.

Frau Carl, our next-door neighbour, invited us for tea next week. Things are so busy these days I’m not sure when we’ll find the time, but I’m sure we’ll manage it somehow!

Mum and I went out with the pram for the first time on our own today: we bought fruit and veg and had a walk. Dad even started to worry about us a little bit, and was relieved when we came back after more than half an hour.

I slept all afternoon, during which time Mum enrolled us for a PEKiP baby massage course: in addition to this, Dad and I will have swimming lessons when I’m three months old, and Lotte and Hannes will buy me a cool swimsuit for this big event, about which they’re almost as excited as Dad and I!

In the afternoon we went to Vanille and Marille again, and although we weren’t out for very long, I suddenly got very hungry on the way back, so I persuaded Mum and Dad to stop in a park on the way back for my first outside feed: I drank for about twenty minutes.

I felt a bit funny when we got back, and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to eat or sleep: I eventually plumped for the latter at about 8pm, and slept till about 1am.

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