Monday 7th August

Dad slept in my room tonight: he wanted to be as rested as possible for his first day back at work, so Mum and I had the main bedroom to ourselves for the first time.

Am trying out some of Dad’s gestures (according to Mum) during feeding, specifically raising a middle finger like a rebel: Dad sometimes uses his middle finger to gesture with, which is contrary to the convention of using one’s index finger for this role. Mum says that traditionally a single middle finger is used to convey another message, but he insists that “it’s only a finger” and claims not to understand what the fuss is about. I don’t know why I do it too, though; maybe it’s all in the genes?

Mum tested the baby phone out today, which meant I tried screaming into the baby phone when Mum was in the East Wing doing some laundry: it works pretty well, this walkie-talkie stuff! When the time eventually comes for me to sleep in my own room, we can be confident that Mum and Dad (let’s be honest, especially Mum) will hear me cry if anything disturbs my slumber.

Having settled Mum and Dad’s (Dad’s) mind on the subject, we then went for a walk, and on our return I went into Dad’s office for a bit while she took care of some business; I lay in his arms for a moment and was a bit confused, as I’m not yet used to being away from Mum even for a moment! Still, she was back soon, and we left Dad to educate people all across this fair land of my birth.

Right, it’s now time for some vital stats: my hair is longer, my nose and eyes are bigger, and I’m a couple of centimetres longer myself! I’m stretching out more, and am slowly getting used to using the abundance of space I have now compared to that which I had in my private flat till that Saturday morning almost three weeks ago.

Despite exploring this new space so much more, I must admit I do like to fall asleep with either Mum or Dad (let’s be honest, invariably Mum) providing a little boundary with their arms, just so I know someone is next to me. I feel more comfortable like this, but I’m not sure how long it’ll last. Still, no rush to grow up!

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