Tuesday 1st August

A new month begins, my first full one: I celebrated by waking Mum at 1am for a 2-hour feed: I decided I wanted to see the new month as early as possible: so many new experiences to have, and so little time!

Dad wasn’t in the best mood today, because he went to two governmental departments to drop off various forms: he says he’s never liked interacting with any kind of officialdom, let alone the German version. Still, when he came back he was OK, if a little hot and bothered.

Jutta came for another check-up in the afternoon; we gave her a voucher: she was very pleased, and a little touched, to get a present before her final visit, but she’s been so helpful Mum and Dad wanted to surprise her.

Went out for my first conscious walk with Mum and Dad: another momentous event in my short life. We live in a very nice area: a high street lies just around the corner from our building, with everything you could possibly want to buy within easy reach (with Kreuzberg and the city just beyond that); in the other direction is the so-called Tempelhofer Village (residential, with a generous sprinkling of parks and secret alleyways that are only accessible to the initiated), so Mum and Dad have chosen the right place to bring me up, that’s for sure.

The whole family came: Findus was a bit distracted, by the end I was a little tired, but the weather was good, and Mum and Dad enjoyed it, so all in all I was happy too.

On the subject of momentous events, Mum said today I set a new poo record: the nappy was fuller than she can remember up to now. I’m a growing girl though, so that makes sense.

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