Thursday 3rd August

While I was having my breakfast this morning Dad tried to have his too, but then he realised he hadn’t bought it from the supermarket when he went shopping the day before. He always says he takes care of us first and then thinks about himself: I see what he means! Still, Mum takes such good care of me at home, so it’s only fair that he takes good care of us both by going outside, downstairs, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and anywhere else we need him to. He always says he’s a big strong man, so it should be very easy for him, right?

Had my first bath with Mum and Dad (consecutively) in the afternoon, and enjoyed it a great deal! Dad weighed me again, and said I’d gone up to 4kg! I know I’ve been feeding a lot recently, but that certainly counts as concrete evidence of my increased appetite.

In the evening we Skyped again, with Granddad Mervyn (short) and Auntie Sophie (long). I can’t wait to meet them for the first time in person, and I know they both can’t either. This coming weekend we’ll try to call three-way for the first time.

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