Friday 4th August

Jutta visited again today, and I went in the papoose for the first time. Mum (of course) was the one who practised it first. I say of course because firstly I much prefer being close to Mum than Dad, and secondly Dad doesn’t trust himself to get it right without a lot of practice: he wants to learn from Mum when she’s an expert on the subject. I feel this is a wise course of action.

We had a walk down to dm to buy some necessary supplies for Mum and me. Mum’s feeling a bit stronger now, and likes to walk as much as she can: she says she wants to get back to the shape she was in before the birth as soon as possible.

While feeding, and to Dad’s considerable amusement, I simultaneously did a poo. Eating and cacking at the same time is something I enjoy doing at the moment, and, as Dad never tires of pointing out, it’s not something that you can get away with for very long in life, so you may as well do it while you can.

We Skyped with Oma Lotte and Opa Hannes, and also with Auntie Jule, Mum’s sister, at the same time. Technology eh? It’s normal…

It’s been extremely hot and humid recently, and today came the inevitable downpour. It rained hard for a bit after being humid. Findus had to go to the vet today because of a tick, and he came back around 7 when everything had been checked.

Mum says I set another record today, in fact I believe the exact phrase she used was “mega poo”. I can only say that this feels perfectly natural to me: the more you eat the more you poo, and I’m eating a lot to be fair!

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