Thursday 10th August

Bathed first thing: Dad cleaned, Mum took pictures. I think you can see that I still enjoy bath time: I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of it?

Pippa and Mickel came round, and Mum took some inconceivably cute photos of us all. Mickel was very happy to see me as usual, and he took great delight in touching my head.

Mum’s friend Rainer came to see us this afternoon for the first time. He was very taken with me, and held me for a while. I was happy and curious to get to know a new face, but after a while I wanted one of my increasingly regular feeds, so Mum and I retired to the bedroom to do the necessary, after which it was time for an afternoon walk.

We found a new route, which took us through a couple of quiet alleyways and parks and was just about the perfect length: I was quiet and happy the whole way, and Mum was also able to do it without feeling tired, so that was just about ideal. When we came back, we had a little chat with the family who live on the ground floor…well, Mum and I did, as Dad was busy taking the pram upstairs and the rubbish downstairs.

This evening I had the first group call with the Lovetts on Skype. Granddad Mervyn and Auntie Sophie were very pleased to see me at the same time; I think it’s something we’ll do regularly from now.

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